Tony Hawk


professional skateboarder, dad, videogame character, ceo, kid chauffeur, global hopscotcher, food glutton & public skatepark defender. I'm old; get over it.

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2545 days ago


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harrybougard 2491 days ago

the start of the best

HenriqueMama 2531 days ago

fuckin kid

leetos 2543 days ago

Is that Upland?

badhousebob 2545 days ago

i grew up skating the blue & clown ramps in dallas with the j phillips, c johnson, d wilkes & the rest of the zorlac crew. reminds me to dig out some pics! oh yeah and don't slide with those kneepads! lol

castilho01 2545 days ago

muito bom, relembrer os velhos tempos.
muito bom!

jaymotwisted 2545 days ago

awsome, i grew up riding at Oasis, was there once a week minimum, Mom dropped me and my friend scotty there while she went shopping @ Mission&Fashion Valley malls... good times then thx!!!!

C_McGregor 2545 days ago

When I was 7 I asked Tony to sign my board at the closing of the DelMar skate park.He had no problem doing it. It was one of my fondest childhood memories. I wish I still had that deck.

skatertweets 2545 days ago

A legend was born....

AgentOrangeMike 2545 days ago

That looks so fun! Shouldn't some stuff like this be built into the new Carlsbad park? I'm gonna skate KONA on the 29th (start of A/O East Coast Tour).

Teri_Ernest 2545 days ago

lol, we must be about the same age...

Jdischord 2545 days ago

Little did you know how magnificent your life would turn out....great picture for perspective of talent and the unknown.

mcubedconcepts 2545 days ago

*MAJOR CORRECTION* i meant ta say, "..."NOT" nearly az good az u, tho...":)...not remotely close

mcubedconcepts 2545 days ago

nice...i wuz sk8ing out in Cali in 78...same age...nearly az good az u, tho...wuznt ...went 2 Paul Revere...i remember the Vans, the OPs:)

Autowerks 2545 days ago

, Certainly not, I had a Nash starting out had to push myself and that board harder than you would have with the right gear, makes you that much better.

JeffParkerinSB 2545 days ago

Nice I rode for Tom in the 80's. I saw some SIMS stickers on an underpass this weekend in Summerland Cali. Brings back some good memories!

so_yesterday 2545 days ago

Awesome! Proof to my 7 yr. old that he doesn't have to have a "name brand" board in order to pull off awesome tricks.