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You know... the Eat It guy.

Good news!  I was able to upgrade from a burned-out compact to a SEMI-burned-out compact.

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2464 days ago

Good news! I was able to upgrade from a burned-out compact to a SEMI-burned-out compact.


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gesyada 2462 days ago

xzibit gon' love you..

StarSlobber 2463 days ago

Does anyone else see a painting of a cow on that door?

lauramarley 2463 days ago

That my friend, is going to take a little more then Turtle wax to shine up ;)

fred272 2463 days ago

hey tony, Al found your car that they stole

mtnet22 2464 days ago

Oh sweet. It has a built-in planter.

kent_fallman 2464 days ago

lol - good trade * thumbs up *

napsmear 2464 days ago

I lost my virginity in that car....she was smokin hot

PalmettoPhyllis 2464 days ago

Oh Al...!

ktb33 2464 days ago

You really should have checked the CarFax on this one. The bumper is a bit damaged. Other than that, I see nothing else wrong with that ride. Congratulations!!

no_whereTx 2464 days ago

Hope you signed a damage waiver. Would be kind of hard to tell someone you didn't put a scratch on it.

Matman27 2464 days ago

Al, with a car like that, you seriously need to go on Pimp My Ride...

tonygoldmark 2464 days ago

So THAT'S where I parked...

LuciferRisin666 2464 days ago

least the front is still good

Renire 2464 days ago

I like how all the colours match.. :) (case/shirt/car)

JojiMyers 2464 days ago

It might mean Weird Al is actually a Cylon! It all started when the DOD needed the palladium in all those post 1985 "clunkers" with airbags. Well bubbas got new pickups and...

HelenOE 2464 days ago

And the best part is, no matter how much the rental co. charges per mile, it's not gonna set you back much.

WhiteSoxCards 2464 days ago

So that's what happened to the car you gave away on MTV!

QueeniePie 2464 days ago

way to go Green?

TvMiller 2464 days ago

Luxury! The Toyota Organic SL with ficus bucket seats and roomy foot aviary.

nekobabaa 2464 days ago

True artist, Al. We luv u!