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Sr. Technical Consultant at Enkitec, Oracle ACE, OCP-DBA, RHCE, OakTable --- http://karlarao.wordpress.com http://karlarao.tiddlyspot.com

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Yes, the AAS CPU graph on the OEM is correlated (R2 of .80) with the CPU core usage (CPU_COUNT=24 for Exadata X2)

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& this viz is useful for finding bad SQLs doing inefficient offloading across 30+ instances on Exadata

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TopSQLx data points to be added to the AWR Tableau Toolkit with dimensions (module, sql_id, command_type,& TIME)

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Cary being interviewed by Kerry on his perspective on Exadata #E4

Enkitec Extreme Exadata Expo (E4) is in two weeks! it will be lots of good schtuff ;)

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whoshaa! finally got my awesome RHCE jacket ;) that's a thumbs up BTW!

Output of awr_iowl/awr_iowlexa.sql(exadata) mentioned on blog http://goo.gl/I3fjn, get here http://goo.gl/eq9Sn

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oh yeah! successfully forecasted the CPU utilization of a RAC downsize migration (4->2nodes) from Itanium to x86

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yes, a pure OLTP workload is pretty much 70%reads 30%writes.. 5months workload, 700+ AWR data points

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batch SQL from 10hours to 5secs... sweeeet! #SqltxplainAwesomeSQLTroubleshootingTool #Exadata #Peoplesoft

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protip: play w/ kernel profiling tools on d VMguest,it won't hurt crashing it.DesktopServer host uptime back to 0!

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SLOB zeroWriters-128Readers run on my R&Dserver - 2ndGenSandyBridge,16GBram,8shortstrokedHDs http://goo.gl/nKYOS

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AWR Tableau and R visualization examples http://goo.gl/lp5rB #Exadata will also upload his R viz!

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DOUG #exadata meetup

smartscanloop of IOsaturationtoolkit-v2 now contains Hierarchy of Exadata IO http://goo.gl/eq9Sn goo.gl/YYlhI

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IOsaturationtoolkit-v2 now contains SECTION 2 for Exadata IORM test cases and AWESOME graphs http://goo.gl/eq9Sn

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1st -> 2nd quarter CPU cores utilization on multi-tenant Peoplesoft/BIEE on half rack Exadata #Tableau #Exadata

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WorkloadGrowthAskingMoreCPUcores,spread across 3nodes for BetterUtilization.EasyCapacityPlanning #Tableau #Exadata

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100days of DesktopServer uptime, this calls for blogging the build HOWTO and the overall configuration :)

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AAS and CPU% motion chart per Exadata compute node

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