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I get paid to eat stuff on TV and tell people their clothes suck. Yay me.

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Mary loves frogs but hates the water. Frogs hate Mary but love the water.

Mary loves frogs but hates the water. Frogs hate Mary but love the water.

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Crazy pants!

Patterned tights give me a headache. Especially THESE.

So this guys stops me in SF and says he's mistaken for me all the time. So I asked if I could take HIS picture! His name's David.

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I met Patricia Heaton and her husband backstage at Rachael Ray! They're awesome and "The Middle" is my fave new show! And they love WNTW! And she's GORGEOUS and tiny. Wow, I totally geeked out meeting them.

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Thanks to those of you who came to see me at Macy's Herald Square last night. So much fun!

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Best coffee in NYC. On corner of 23rd and 5th. I want to bathe in this latte.

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Had an amazing long weekend in Paris! Here's how not to dress while looking at a Picasso. A Hawaiian shirt and sneakers? WTF? Pardon my French.

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The kids from The Middle and Desperate Housewives and me on GMA this morning!

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I told last night's cab driver that if there were a Mr. Taxi pageant, he would totally win the New York title. His name's Faruk!

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Holy crap! Most. Delish. Sandwich. Ever. Bubby's NYC. Fried chicken, sauteed onions, yummy bread.

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Holy crap! Most.Delish.Sandwich. Ever. Bubby's NYC. Fried chicken, sauteed onions, yummy bread.Side of hush puppies.

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Finally, a cab that smells like strawberries. Don't forget QVC tomorrow at 6 EST!

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I love a well-placed 4-letter word, but I think people who wear them in public SUCK.

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Today's driver has everything I might ever need in the back seat of a car -- from hand lotion (ahem) to white out.

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"Let's all wear our gray slacks and light blue -- or white -- shirts!" "Yeah, let's show everyone we have ZERO imagination!

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There should be a law: No low side-ponytails after menopause. FYI: I LOVE old ladies.

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The purpose of a jean is to make your ass look fabulous. Otherwise, why bother. I don't need to see this on an escalator.

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My driver today has 7 air fresheners and 2 rosaries hanging from mirror. Holy pine-scented Jesus!

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Note to self: never let anyone cut my hair this short on the sides. I look like Beaker from the Muppets.

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