ex touring guitartech/musician from the backwoods of Missouri. Volunteer paleo-nerd @ the la brea tar pits... And now looking to give pro-wrestling a try!

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Ha! Yep! This is me... 100%

Thanks for shitting in our pool you guys... #rude #birdflu #cityducks #lost #notapond

Wrestling moves in the parking lot of wrestling shows. Also, blue eyes+camera flash=demon eyes ftw!

My hair blown straight but pre-flat iron & extly why I HATE washing my hair! Such a chore! Iwouldvebeensocoolinthe80s

WOW, just found this n my old stuff frm Warped Tour 04! Such good hangs w/ our friends&family tht summer!

Chantie, this was a magical evening and I love you!!!!

Just a few Dire Wolf skulls. No this is no where near all of them in the collection. Not even close! #labreatarpits

A whopping 10 lbs? Holy crap! Come at me bro... Baahahaha! Siiiike!

So, of cooooourse my guitar is matte black and has bats on it... You are not shocked. Its ok, I know. #nomakeup #shhh

You are an asshole ...but I accept your guitar playing challenges! #muchbetterthanfightingyou #METAL

80s tshirt humor = dark as hell! #realshit

did we forget to share our hair dye with Derek? Oops! Hahaha <3 miss u fools!!!

Mystery vortex under my dad's pond in missouri last month. (yes, I know the wind did this, but shhhhhhhhhh!)

Freshman year, band nerd, haircut disaster, grandpa photobomb, (+ those pants?)... can it be throwback Friday?

has yet to destroy your last Bucky Balls "creation".... It's a world record!

If this is true.... this changes EVERYTHING!!!!! Genius!

The super villain mustache is in full force... ...such good hangs this weekend, buddy!

uhm, are we sure that we don't share hair dye? Hahaha... <333

before the madness night one...

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