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Also keep in mind this self-described “pro-Palestinian” guy is close personal friends with #EDL extremists:

This employee helps explain why several Jewish Agency employees have spread nonsense about our effort:

A Zionist that is “pro-palestinian?” That’s as contradictory as a being meating-eating vegetarian or “Jew” for Jesus.

Is this foreshadowing potential long waits people may face trying to obtain healthcare under "Obamacare?"

And the nonsense continues. Btw, this is how our conversations go w/ approx 95% of Islam’s reps:

And the nonsense continues (btw, this is how conversations go w/ about 95% of our conversations with Islam’s reps):

We’re we too harsh?


We’re blocking over 82,810 online trackers from following us on the web:

Hateful Spammer Phillip Pasmanick & his “Israel & Stuff” site continue harassing & defaming Jews & Israel supporters:

Michael Lippman is supposedly attorney for Joel Leyden who harasses/defames Jews. Lippman’s trial is coming up 9/24:

Thank G-d, Facebook is taking action against some harassment & defamation against Jews & Israel supporters:

Thank you Facebook for continuing to take decisive action against criminal frauds and spammers who harass & defame:

Thank you Facebook, for taking action against frauds like “Phillip Pasmanick” who criminally harass & defame Jews:

You gotta hand it to “Phillip Pasmanick” though —this BS was shared w/ about 9,000 people—only 4 morons “liked” it:

“Phillip Pasmanick”, “Joel Leyden” & a handful of others continue w/ fraud, harassment, defamation, and now, threats:

One lying lunatic’s (“Phillip Pasmanick”) futile attempt to try to get 56,300+ people to unlike our page: #loser

Thanks to Facebook for removing more defamatory & harassing posts from Joel Leyden’s fraudulent “Israel News Agency”:

Wow. This perfectly sums up “Phillip Pasmanick” - glad others are beginning to see it:

"Joel Leyden" claims to be a "search engine optimization" (#SEO) and "online reputation management" expert - LOL:

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More about Damages, one of the best shows, ever: