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You may love, hate, or not give a damn. But I can only be a me. Love it or leave. I ❤ travel, great food, nkotb and my hand selected Familia. ;)

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it was great to see you ladies!

but you meant... Lol

lol I hope not...

feel free to send and I'll add to my collection lol.. Just want you to use in your road trips!

How cute are nicki and bey on the cover of the flawless remix single? #girlpower #werk #flawless #iwokeuplikedis

can we make these with the cop cakes? #pleaseandthankyou

lol!!! Please watch I think we're alone now Chrissy! That shit is crazy! #helmetboy

Enjoying a NYC dinner with my girls and #loveyougirls ❤️

I was a joe girl during this performance lol my face looks shocked and amazed!


I want! #love! It's called a Quokka. It lives in Australia, is endangered, considered 1 of the happiest animals eva

it's like magic!!! I want to be magical!!!

This California Chicken salad from O'charleys is theeee best!

and the rest...

Dear #NKOTBPartyPlane winners enjoy your flight! CC:

Her album is the BOMB!!!! Jhene Aiko - I love great music ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

this was my #tbt pic from this week... I don't have a prom pic so I used momma and daddy kings lol

Listening to my girl on radio.com #loveher

Some days I read things on twitter and be like....