The first American to win the Boston Marathon since 1983. What personal pride, and overwhelming unconditional love I felt not only for my current city of Boston, but for all who overcame whatever indifference, struggle, either physical/emotional/or mental to persevere and just show up today. Believe it or not - that is the part that most people don't have the balls or courage to ever do. I was honored to be in the company of some of my great friends who traveled from far, as well as met some new ones who put their all into this race. More than just a race for many; I could never do it justice with words. Never underestimate the power of proving yourself and those around you wrong. If you feel something strong enough and have to go it alone - DO IT. Boston, tonight, believe it or not I love you even more, and I will be thinking of you as I fall asleep. Thank you for a great day and great memory.

#MarathonComeDown #blisters #hotbath #CongratsAllRunners #BostonStrong #JamieLeigh — at The Boston Marathon.