Have a good day friends, Allah the Rabb UL Aalameen says in Quran: “And marks and sign-posts and by the stars, (men) guide themselves.” (Q16:16)

If you become familiar with the constellations and the stars in the sky, one can never be lost anywhere in the world. They are truly a guiding light in the canopy of the heavens. You can be anywhere in the world and immediately on looking up in the night sky and by recognizing stars, you can know what latitude you are at and where is north and thereby all the other directions. 

You can know what time of the year it is in the absence of any calendars. It is rather appropriate that the crescent moon and star is used as signs to represent matters of religion among Muslims. The moon holds a most important position for the reckoning of time among Muslims. 

The lunar calendar is one of the oldest and a natural calendar system and astronomers acknowledge that this calendar is the only purely lunar calendar in wide use. #Moon #Sun #Stars Masha Allah :)