#BanLiveExport SHAME on #Australia !! #Indonesia flags plans to import 700,000 cattle in 2014!
Strong signs have emerged that Indonesia is planning to import more than 700,000 cattle in 2014 following meetings between Indonesian Government officials and importers in Jakarta this week.

Ministry of Trade representatives met with Indonesian cattle importers yesterday to outline the Government’s plans for cattle imports in 2014.

Under mounting pressure to curb rampant inflation, the Indonesian Government wants to bring the price of secondary beef cuts in Indonesian wet markets down from 90,000 Indonesian Rupiah per kilogram to below 76,000 IR/kg.

With beef in dramatically short supply after several years of import cutbacks under Indonesia’s failed self-sufficiency push, increasing imports is one of the few levers available to the Indonesian Government to improve supply and ease pressure on prices.

Sources have told Beef Central that meetings this week have been told by Indonesian Ministry of Trade representatives that they believe imports of 720,000 cattle will be required in 2014.

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