@Nulgath @Revontheus #Oversoul Name: Lobo
Rank: Master
Element: Energy/Shadow
Story: Old stories talk about a fairy tale of a boy and a wolf being born together without it having a logical reason to be explained. When people tried to get near the new born, the wolf didn't let them come near him. An old shaman explained to his parents that their soul was one itself. Both the kid and the wolf began growing. After some years, the teenager was called Lobo, because of how he only spend time with the big silver wolf. One day they wander into some cave which have some prints of an old myth, when they reached an exit which shine like a sun, they found themselves in another world, which would give them a new experience of what their true purpose really was.
3 hit combo: The wolf uses his feet to cast thunder slashes towards his enemy.
5 hit combo: The wolf tackles his opponent.

A birthday gift for @LupusTheWolf Hope you enjoy it :D