Name: Ambrosia Element:Light Rank: Master @Nulgath @Revontheus #Oversoul Story: Ambrosia is a noble lady who lived near the war where Dage and Nulgath fought. Being a lonely young woman, she was calm about the whole situation. She walked normally to a portal that was opened and she saw a town(Solace) and decided to go explore it. She found herself in a world of hundreds of creatures and she wanted knowledge about them. She started visiting the Solace Inn often to rest and to talk with people about the creatures who habit Oversoul.
Controlled: I salute you dear stranger, may I know what's your body made of?
Enemy: Hello, I will now take my chance to know more about you!
Victory: Now I have more knowledge from this world! Thank you!
Attack Combos:
3 Attack Combo: Uses her umbrella to stab him x3 in the chest.
5 hit combo: The curls in her dress attaches to the foe and squeezes it while she approaches and gives it a dealing blow.