During the war between Dage and Nulgath, some of the chaotic parasite from Lore leaked into the world of Oversoul. Forced to act seperately from the command of the Champion of Chaos, they slowly mutated into something else. Corrupting and consuming bodies and soul of every being in their path and gaining body part and power, they became a gigantic mass of abomination, with ominously pink vein pulsating from all over their body. They can breathe fire, cast magic, and use physical attack with the tooth and claws on their body, all containing different venoms. Because they can consume different living beings for their power, countermeasures against one will not always work on the others. Their reproduction is similar to amoeba, splitting into multiple of them when consuming enough living beings. Retaining their chaotic nature, their arrival and attack are very unpredictable and dangerous, though their intelligent is lacking without the Chaos Champion controlling them.

With many different power, their potential is limitless and impossible to predict. For each of their appearance, chaos and disorder ensues. And for each of their different movement, many consequences can happen. For that, scholars and researchers named them after the measurement of disorder, Entropy.