Name: Blare(Pyre Witch) Rank: Legendary @Nulgath @Revontheus #Oversoul First of all, this is a concept suggestion for the Legendary Rank of Pyre Witch. Credits of base to the Arch Fiend Nulgath!
Closer look to the staff:
Background story: Blare has finally gain new powers and is able to control Ogres at will. She has wandered through the forest openings, bottomless pits defeating hundreds of monsters and not being able to find a rival for her amazing destructive power.
Speech quotes:
Enemy: "Another pest to erase from this rotten world"
Controlled: "Feel the mighty power of Fire"
Victory:"Let your soul become one with this world"
3 hit Combo: Enemy is hit by 3 fire beams that come from the ground.
5 hit Combo: Enemy is covered by flames and incinerated.(