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Master form of Demon girl concept http://twitpic.com/cs9l4c 
Name: Blud Nait Element: Chaos/Shadow Story: Blut grow as a princess due to being a descendant of pure demons but to jealousy against her, her family was attacked and destroyed. She got safe due to being sealed in a special armor container. She remains asleep until 100 years passed and she woke up. She had grown up physically and mentally, she could now use the armor in the container she slept in. She equipped and suddenly felt a power flowing over her, a mixture of dark and chaos power through her left hand which was capable of adopting a sword-like form. She then opens a chest near the armor container unveiling the blood sword that gave her an amazing dexterity. She was prepared; she would claim revenge and made her clan live once more. #Oversoul