Name: Valhas - Class: Jinn Reaper - Element: Chaos  @Revontheus @Nulgath # OS
Background story: It was a bright day, where snakes dig up through the sand waiting for preys to appear, and in the horizon, a figure appeared. It was a child, his name was Valhas and was trying to look for lost treasures and return to his land where he could sell them and have money to survive. He try to run since soon the sun will fall upon the horizon, but in the path to his village, he falled on a pit and he thought he was going to die when he fall over a current of water and was washed away from the exit of the pit, he remained unconscious. He woke up and find himself in a dark, humid cave. He stood up, and wander through the cave and found an old dusty lamp which he delicately touch and a jinn appear. He told the kid that he had tree wishes. The only wish he had was that the village came rich and was able to prosper but the jinn had set up  a trap to free himself. When the kid saw his village destroyed and being rebuilt by some invaders, he rush to the jinn and asked for the 2 left and asked for a scythe that was able to kill jinns, made of the lamp in which the jinn was found, and the third wish was to stand up in front of him for 5 minutes before he freed himself. Valhas took the scythe in his hands and rip the jinn's body claiming vengeance for what he had done. From that day, he continues searching for jinns that were freed and caused pain to numerous victims throughout the world.