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  Paladin Press offers products from Kelly McCann aka Jim Grover, Jeff Cooper, Ragnar Benson, Maj.  WE Fairbairn Books  Most of Fairbairn's books can still be obtained through Paladin Press although.   Fairbairn’s Combative Stick Method  Double Handed method is shown in the greatest part in Fairbairn's books “All In.   All-in Fighting: W. Fairbairn] on Plaster, Mark Hatmaker, Michael Janich, Joseph Simonet, Capt. Fairbairn: 9781847348531: Books  All-in Fighting [W. E. Fairbairn: Books  Only 4 left in stock (more on the way). The distilled knowledge of W.E.   All-In Fighting Intro - History of Combatives  This book is based upon earlier works issued under the titles of Defendu, which was written for the police forces of the Far East, and Scientific Self-Defence. *FREE* super saver shipping on qualifying offers. John L.   'All-in Fighting' - 'Get Tough' - World War II Forums  Other than forking out the £20 or so for a copy of Capt. Fairbairn’s W.W.II Special Forces manual, there are several sites where this can now be  ALL IN FIGHTING PDF: EBooks Online, Documents, PDF. E Fairbairn: Books  All-in fighting,[W.   All-in Fighting de W.E. The distilled knowledge of W.E