Thanks LAZ 4 copy of bill 2 Jacksons from Forest Lawn-NO charges 4 refrigeration+embalming+care & prep-Practically no mortuary charges at all.  ONLY charges R 4 the show and storage that remains empty.  Forest Lawn was only the stage for the pretend private ceremony & burial ceremony-still no name on grave and not listed in FL database.

Furthermore, anyone gullible enough to beLIEve the lame excuse no name on grave is due to "fear of someone stealing MJ's body" is not thinking logically.  The Jacksons told the world MJ was buried at FL and not even a window to Holly Terrace has been broken signalling the need 4 extra protection.

Today's technology has steel re-enforced cement, so that no one can ever steal a grave/crypt if the desire was there to do so.  An armed security guard with a motion sensor would also keep a space safe.  It's just ridiculous to believe such foolishness!


From the producer of the jaw-dropping documentary "Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?" Netflix and the author of the EmovieBook "Pseudocide Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death To Save His Life?"