Eun Hyuk


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1422 days ago


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Bu_love_Suju 1412 days ago

what is this ???????

jongwoongurl 1418 days ago

kyaaaaa --"

duongdiepquan 1420 days ago

aigoo lol

CathArchie 1420 days ago


jewel0925 1421 days ago

like being hit by a, really being hit by a bullet...XDDDDD

Siska_choi 1421 days ago


RANIATSAI 1421 days ago

Really interesting^^

beloved_SJ 1421 days ago

(҂‾.‾)︻╦̵̵̿╤── *\(`⌂´#)/*

wingspecial 1422 days ago

ELF got shoot by SPY boys !! xD

kwan13_WH 1422 days ago


aom08 1422 days ago


sweetyHyuk_3104 1422 days ago

may i speak a honest ?? i really don't like if you do over acting in everywhere you are.. event, perform, etc !!! your perform with BoA stage especially !! ><

sweetyHyuk_3104 1422 days ago

wanna be there also and got the bullet from oppas !!!^^ the best SPY perform today !! hopefully still have a inkigayo perform tomorrow !! >_<

MayaSanSiro 1422 days ago

ELF really great actress right Oppa? All ELF die because Super Junior Love shoot ^^

Risa3424 1422 days ago

Hey where are you =))

Tiza_azizah 1422 days ago

eunhyuk,he is so handsome..

HuiYin_0610 1422 days ago

Finally I knew what had happened after I saw today's performance.HAHAHA! I wish I were there. :P

1234Eye 1422 days ago

elf very nice and beautiful

1234Eye 1422 days ago

Handsome EunHyuk Handsome EunHyuk Handsome EunHyuk

ayaelf 1422 days ago

klo w dagh g malu2 lg..mlh numpang eksis hehe