Eun Hyuk


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AhraJonas_ELF 1351 days ago

Choco is adorable, very cute ♥

Jeweldictator 1354 days ago

หนูโก้ทำหน้าทำตาอ้อนแม่มาก ๆ เลยน้า จุ๊บๆๆๆๆ

jewel0925 1357 days ago


BIonlySJ 1358 days ago

I prefer your selca!!! U.U

jewel0925 1358 days ago

Morning prettiness~Can I have a morning kiss~ˊ◡ˋ

DianiLissette 1358 days ago

aww *--* Choco is so adorable and cute ♥

_LeeByaHyuk 1358 days ago

So Cute this Baby <3

Bi_2h 1358 days ago

hehe at EunHyuk oppa new house, right? ^^~

eugenie017 1358 days ago

aww so adorable!^^

mYnlinH17 1358 days ago

i can see Sorry Sorry's poster in behind ^^

anna16163 1358 days ago

초코 SUPER 귀여워요!!!
눈 크고 무죄 좋아요!! ^___^

cheesystar 1358 days ago

i see sorry sorry poster reflection D: i was just looking at this photo in the afternoon... miss the 13 of them :(

absolutelyu 1358 days ago

she's crying.... get some clothes for her~ ;p

beloved_SJ 1358 days ago

Ewwwww cute ~.~

Peun_eun 1358 days ago

ห้องยังว่างอยุ่ใช่มั้ย เดี๋ยวเราจะไปช่วยดูเเลอีกเเรงนะ -////////-

sweetyHyuk_3104 1358 days ago

Oppa you took a choco selca before you merge all of it (?) ^-^ You're so cute tho~>[]<

cambinh 1358 days ago

Hyukie ah,you too, what do you eat can to be this cute?

MIZZ__MAY 1358 days ago

ลูกน่ารักค่ะ เเต่เเม่น่ารักกว่า >///<

jungsooki9923 1358 days ago

cute dong^^ cute pose^^ but why ur dogs likes so sad&cry?? wht is ur dogs name??