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Miltonius Arts, LLC is an Orange County California based company Currently, working on the independent animation, AKUMI

Abyssal Priest of Miltonius! Male version, flashed and ready to be animated.

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1590 days ago

Abyssal Priest of Miltonius! Male version, flashed and ready to be animated.


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yuri_shaman 1586 days ago

Just one thing: don't make the AQW's armor hands "semi-open", make it with normal closed hands. Please.

G73DZ 1589 days ago

MONSTER right ?

CrossXfire2 1589 days ago

amazing design man! looking forward to it.

glydingonwater 1589 days ago

Man Dress. Too long to be a skirt. That being said, love it for the toplessness + the dress.

DTAQW 1589 days ago


The_halabala 1589 days ago

Full CC :3, I can imagine it being full pink.

Blindwordsmith 1589 days ago


AvengerAQW 1589 days ago

dem tattoos....

DarknessTog 1589 days ago

Now this,Has to be in AQW. Maybe DF too.

yuri_shaman 1589 days ago

and real male underworld fiends too =D

mturf 1589 days ago

real men wear skirts :::D

yuri_shaman 1589 days ago


B_M_3 1589 days ago

Hair? Love it. Tats? Love it. Topless? Love it. Why do I love this whole thing, though?
Manskirt. It's a bloody manskirt.

RenaisancRanger 1589 days ago

Stop hating, Legionaries. We shan't stoop to such levels.. That being said, this really my kind of armor.

yuri_shaman 1590 days ago

this will come to AQW too?

Veneeria_AQW 1590 days ago

Love his look... It has got that evil feeling in it... Shouldn't it be called Abyssal Priest of nulgath? Now noticing it, miltinious rhymes with genious.

DisturbedAE 1590 days ago

This has to be one of the best poses I've ever seen in the AE community this looks awesome I hope to see this in the AQW war I'd love to see how you're going to animate it

mturf 1590 days ago

oh my word. my favorite fiend 100%. love the tattoos.

blakex_x 1590 days ago

and can u guys please take a look at this not yet finished

blakex_x 1590 days ago

cant wait to get that. :D, cheak it out :) no flaming