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Phillips Holmes
Robert Young
Hedda Hopper
Diana Wynyard
Lewis Stone
Don Dillaway
Robert Greig
Ruth Selwyn
May Robson
Mary Carlisle

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 present The Art of Manliness 100 Must See Movies for Men..  Men Must Fight (1933) -- (Movie Clip) We'll Stop Making Men!  title details and video sharing options.  Men Must Fight (1933) - Horror Movies and Science Fiction Movies. .  Credit must go to R.  Master with some minor edits) is another must-see guy movie.   50 Best Guy Movies of All Time  50 Best Guy Movies of All-Time: Men's Journal selected The 50 Best Guy.   Best Movies to Watch: 100 Must See Movies For Men | The Art of.   100 Great Movies Every Guy MUST See - News for Men, Humor, Dating.   Men Must Fight (1933) Detailed Movie Reviews  Review Summary and Plot Commentary about Men Must Fight (1933) The scene is set in the USA, seven years into the future: A pacifist Secretary of State (Lewis Stone. Actors: Diana Wynyard: Laura Mattson Seward · Lewis Stone: Edward 'Ned' Seward · Phillips Holmes: Bob Seward · May Robson: Maman Seward.   Best line in the movie: "God gave men brains larger than dogs' so.   Here are the best 100 movies that you must see..  the life of Ramón Sampedro, the movie examines the fight. now playing Men Must Fight (1933) -- (Movie Clip) We'll Stop Making Men! Diana Wynyard as Laura, wife of the Secretary of. Makes 'getting drunk in order to fight. Lee Ermey, a former.   Review: A remarried war widow's attempts to raise her son to be a pacifist are thwarted when a second world war (this film was made well before the real WWII)..