Leonard Nimoy


Born in Boston.Went to Hollywood at 18. 16 years later cast as Spock in Star Trek http://t.co/xF7aMPrVzT

At  beginning of it all. Three of us ready to "Boldly Go..."   LLAP

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1616 days ago

At beginning of it all. Three of us ready to "Boldly Go..." LLAP


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randomacts_kind 1573 days ago

Amazing. Oh how I miss you three! You guys became part of my childhood 7 years ago. <3 #LLAP

jeannieharris 1608 days ago

Great pic of a wonderful time in your life (and mine). Did you think it would last 40 odd years?

ShansDrumstick 1616 days ago

Wow I can't believe it's been over 40 years already (: (and still I love it)

aRBrujo 1616 days ago


sierraken 1616 days ago

Beyond the real Space Race and into a galactic Mission.

luvztofly 1616 days ago


web_dragon 1616 days ago

LLAP Mr Nimoy! You and the rest of the Enterprise crew are an inspiration to millions of fans the world over!

s_solis44 1616 days ago

There will never be another!

Shutterbug5269 1616 days ago

I grew up watching the three of you "Boldly Go" Peace and long life!

highland_skye 1616 days ago

How fortunate I was, there at the beginning of the journeys the Enterprise and crew. Thank you!

hotforLN 1616 days ago

Talk about three handsome dudes,boldly going? ( too bad they couldn't take me along!!!)

sheharpe 1616 days ago

Live Long and Prosper! Love you, love your work as Spock and not Spock. Thank you!

EB_easterbunny 1616 days ago

If you are the Real Nemoy great never imagined say something to you,mean my age it was 6 of age

suzq 1616 days ago

Is boldly going anywhere logical? ;-)

Khisakitty 1616 days ago

Wonderful! Started watching when I was 3, and ever since Star Trek inspired me to "boldy go..." :)

djpaterson 1616 days ago

Great photo.

TammyNiemi 1616 days ago

Love the photo-Star Trek really has been a constant part of my life--WOW! no wonder I'm a Trekkie!