Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

Beware vegas we re near you

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1579 days ago

Beware vegas we re near you


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baganized 1548 days ago

zak lookz evil xD

HeartFeltMissK 1578 days ago

Aaron - what i didnt do it lol . Zak - Ima mess u up man LOL. Billy - OMFG ITS MARY POPPINS LMFAO

GACLove_V77 1579 days ago


Emely_Gac_Fan19 1579 days ago

lol Zak u look like a gangster in this pic :)and Aaron looks like hes gone nuts and billy looks like he is excited :)

Karenb121183 1579 days ago

Hey Zak, ur nose is White out.Now we know what u will look lie without a nose...Still sexy as ever!!

AnnaIsUnique904 1579 days ago

Although it looks like Zak is a noseless ghost, his eyes are just so.... his eyes!

Beriadhwenc 1579 days ago

I love your hat!

Demure_Dulcet 1579 days ago

WTH Zak is a ghost :( and he lost his nose.

Kim_Garza 1579 days ago

Oh shit...Vegas better be real scared & Zak you're now a ghost lol.

KelliSchurch 1579 days ago

Luv all ur facial expressions lol Zak ur eyes in this pic are alluring.

TaraKGac 1579 days ago

Zak your Eyes are..Creepy, Sexy, Scary, Seductive, and Dangerous.

JustineBrydia 1579 days ago

Oh, you look so thrilled there Zak! ;-)

verntar123 1579 days ago

Wierdness....LMAO....OMG!! :D

BlackMagik91 1579 days ago

Vegas ain't ready for the likes of y'all! XD

wyleelynn 1579 days ago

i love u guys!lol(billy)u guys rock!

ZakBagans_fan 1579 days ago

Bad but funny boys!!!!!

Sweet_Tawny 1579 days ago

Good Times!
Do me a favor..go by my aunts house and tell her i'll be seeing her soon lol


allisonmichaluk 1579 days ago

hahaha <3 Vegas should be scared

GAC_LightHouse 1579 days ago

kalakutie 1579 days ago

You guys are hilarious! ;)