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1351 days ago


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ElOjo 1350 days ago

. That's not a windshield. The driver uses a periscope mounted in the hatch.

robertelegal 1350 days ago

I love the cop gumball over the windshield, presumably to distinguish it from civilian tanks.

speedmaster 1350 days ago

To serve & protect, right? ;-(

ElOjo 1350 days ago

If they ever get in a truly bad situation, they'll regret replacing the steel tracks.

Badgers_Rebel 1350 days ago

This will take care of those dirty hippies! #OccupyLondon #15M #Indignados #OO #OWS #OccupyPDX

kenmusicman 1351 days ago

and the oligarky says were not effective...............
they are getting parinoid, loosing there fifdom are bad this is and always will be a free contry

NoWarMilitiaMX 1351 days ago

Tigers, #ows is like the Germans in the eyes of those who see it as an enemy

brashley46 1351 days ago

TPC are using this to herd OccupyTampa? WTF you'd think OWS were the Panthers.