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With Sugar Ray and the #realsteel robots - Atom and Noisy Boy!!!!

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1939 days ago

With Sugar Ray and the #realsteel robots - Atom and Noisy Boy!!!!


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JFWalker721 1918 days ago

Loved this movie! Love this pic!

maharahnee 1918 days ago

I love the movie #RealSteel !!

dsrtflwr25 1922 days ago

I loved Real Steel! Incredible cast and great story. Thanks for making such great movies.

Nicholas_TanZ 1925 days ago

I like all your movie

neytico 1926 days ago

Oh Hugh fantastic.

DhiranMahato 1926 days ago

It was a fantastic movie but more 2 come frm u...

lovelyelena89 1926 days ago

Real Steel -Very much the pleasant the film , delightful game, thanks for good films was pleasant :)

2KHAnna 1927 days ago

I've just seen "Real Steel". I'm going to watch it again tomorrow with my son. I LOVE this movie!

yony_themoony 1930 days ago


raywolvie 1932 days ago

you really enjoy all that stuff, don't you? I everything was a big and funny your way to face life and job!

vejmite 1938 days ago

ah! xxx

PlatonovSerega 1938 days ago

The Fighter? =)

yashovardhan007 1938 days ago

ahhaaaa, looking like to give an another idea of movies to ur fans means us... great wolverine.

KelseyJMills 1938 days ago

Nice wolverine pose!! This movie is going to be great!

IvamaryBradham 1938 days ago

I saw the preview of your new movie! I think it's going to be great! Wonderful picture!

LuciLAlmeida 1938 days ago

Now was explained your performance in the ring, when promote your new movie (giants robots)! by the way, where that video? please, can you add it in here? Kisses!

Clubnyka 1938 days ago

hope that robots will be only a background for some dramatic story..

deiseluce 1939 days ago

The choice of Sugar Ray was perfect, an excellent professional. I gave you more confidence to play your character. The robots are perfect.

LuiseBlubii 1939 days ago

i can't wait to see the movie :D

Jel20015 1939 days ago

Hugh Jackman and Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots - gotta love it! :)