Kat Von D


...for the heart is an organ of fire...

Happy Tuesday to everyone from @JeffreeStar and me!

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1691 days ago

Happy Tuesday to everyone from and me!


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kerikoski 1688 days ago

Too funny I came across both of your pages, my friend showed you that quarter trick, still trying to figure it out!

mariananpf 1689 days ago

"KAT, oh my gosh, it's you! I love you so much"
"Thank you, I love you too!" - hug -
Kat starts to cry...
"Why are you crying?"
"'Cuz I think I'm not an example for anyone..."
I start to cry...
"You're a fucking good person, believe m

claudia3793 1689 days ago

beautiful :)

aircooledtx 1691 days ago

Two beautiful ladies, with cool drinks. What more could a man ask for..

24misscherry 1691 days ago

Uuuuuummmmm that drink looks good. An I love the pink hair its amazing x

karharirocks 1691 days ago

I love your hair! Pink hair is quite nice as well. But nothing's better than black ;)

Nathalie_Elite 1691 days ago

YAY babes going RAW !!

drgordis 1691 days ago

cheers! :)

dannilam73 1691 days ago

that drink looks so refreshing...n if I didn't know the truth already I would swear u to were related

blackwingangels 1691 days ago

I don't know what your drinking but its making me thirsty!

selmabit 1691 days ago

Hi, love this pic!

Lia_LL 1691 days ago

you're gorgeous!

ADRIIGUMMYLITZ 1691 days ago

Kat i want you to make me a tatto so bad...

hanamoreatsix 1691 days ago

beautiful :) <3

mariananpf 1691 days ago

oh god, i love you both, but kat von d the most <3

HaiImNicole_ 1691 days ago

I love you guys. (: <3

hausofmilena 1691 days ago

Beautiful, Kat *-* I love you.

clandestoned 1691 days ago

you two are so prettyy <3