Marshall Mathers


I'm not afraid.

A world so dark, a world so cold...  The devil only knows.  It's Friday, the 19th.

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2566 days ago

A world so dark, a world so cold... The devil only knows. It's Friday, the 19th.


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terribeth78 1289 days ago

leadZ to disaster. two are required.

terribeth78 1289 days ago

theRe is alwaYs a way out. the (numbeR) eighT leads the way. but there is zer0 SuppOrt , zer0 support

MistyMcW 1312 days ago

I am done with you too..

asshole1978 1337 days ago

" it's my wand " - MISTY DAWN...
" he smart " - mr MATHERS

itfitshers19th 1345 days ago

:) i will tell you an interesting story, one that fits yours ....

mistydmcwain 1430 days ago

#lovethewayyoulie... #spacebound#spacebound in 2012...CWWOE-rev .. i will stop stockin ya now :)

2pac8888888888 1434 days ago

at 3 am since they were trying to be funny with the ( sunday) on the calendar

mistydmathers 1441 days ago

Tell 2 pac happy belated...

mistydmathers 1441 days ago

So god is the 666 ....thats crazy

mistydmathers 1441 days ago

Tell those hoes to leave u alone before i pull a kate hehe

mistydmathers 1441 days ago

My project would be alot cooler if u were helping... can u come join me for this sex scene;)...

ArtMdmc 1506 days ago

this is my date!Im not a "devil"-Im a ANGEL- ok, close to I have fantasy about u, tellin ya on the lo lo

ArtMdmc 1506 days ago

you look like a MOTH! I got a bunch of those swarming around my dang door! your still sexy tho :)

TairineAugusta 1653 days ago


sryh007 1708 days ago


CMathers26 1709 days ago

I loooovveee this!

OxanaMysova 1774 days ago

that's great!

Thesweetdeath_ 1860 days ago

Fantastic 4MillionStans