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Miley, stay excellent.


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1692 days ago



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ListenUpBTCH 1691 days ago

Lol, that is Selena. That's the same dress she wore to the MMVAs. DUHH. Lol.

_deannexo 1691 days ago

Urgh, what the fuck? Easy access for Justin.. smh.

sl0uise 1692 days ago

she might be wearing a thong, omg get over it. so obsessive!

HeartsUpSelena 1692 days ago

She might be wearing a thong ! and you people are so disgusting !

IWishedOnAStar 1692 days ago

It is Selena because that's the dress she wore at the MMVA's but that's not the point, people need to grow up, why do you care about this anyway? Freaks.

DemiiFreak_x3 1692 days ago

it is selena because she's standing there with nina dobrev but maybe it's a skin colour underwear.. ever thought about thaat?!?!?! or a thong... but who cares?!?! she's just a human.. and why do people make photos like this?

EMsShadyStan 1692 days ago

OMG people REALLY need to get over this! god!

TalaHMurad 1692 days ago

First how do u know its her and second she could be wesring a thong if it was her y do u care ???

MarkM3Crazy 1692 days ago

Thats not her is that ?

kaitlynjane_ 1692 days ago

how do we even know its selena, you can't see her face awkward. could be taylor swift..........

PayneWicked 1692 days ago

omfg what a slut! :'O

SandiCastronovo 1692 days ago

shes not wearinng a thing #justsaying

alltimehaleyy 1692 days ago

its called a THONG. -.-

GreysonsSweetie 1692 days ago

shes prob wearing a thong.

HeyItsStephM 1692 days ago

I wonder what Pattie has to say about Justin's girlfriend.....