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WOW. Read closely - typical Fox News.

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1429 days ago

WOW. Read closely - typical Fox News.


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TheEastCaostKid 1421 days ago

This isn't Fox News, so stop bitchin'. It's one of their local affiliates

saidaquibarbara 1426 days ago

kkkkkkkkkkkk' Fail

mutangili 1426 days ago

that's funny

AshleyTheAmazed 1426 days ago

Ahaaa SMH!!!

Baballoo 1427 days ago

unholyamerican 1427 days ago

Not a big deal, really.

anitatristi 1427 days ago

Bahahahahaha xD fail!!

TheCloser1122 1427 days ago

I caught a few peeps on the news saying the same.

Chrisostama 1428 days ago

HAHA -- Leave it to FOX!

icecommet 1428 days ago

I love the fact that fox news makes a simple mistake and everyone assumes that they did it intentionally! Like there are some actual people out there that will not vote for him because fox news confused to different names.

markebrandon 1428 days ago

Wait until you see how MSNBC got it wrong.

BradicalMcLoone 1428 days ago

Liberals say it was a mistake conservatives are say it's a typo. "Obama- Bin Laden Dead" More sense?

Acts7 1429 days ago

Wow cannot believe people are blowing this out of proportion. Oh my gosh - someone misspelled a word. If you take the entire concept into play... Obama will report on Osama - both of those words are fresh in everyone's minds. Therefore this is not a "Freu

tylercrompton 1429 days ago

, that word says reports…

Tais_Ilha 1429 days ago


nikostv 1429 days ago

HE IS NOT DEAD We haven't even seen his dead body ... IDIOTS

bish12s 1429 days ago

Personally, I particularly like how it's titled under "Sports."

madz1205 1429 days ago

making the same mistake:

HuntingBigfoot 1429 days ago

I wish I'd seen this, but on the other hand, I wouldn't be caught dead watching Fox News.

killjoy930830 1429 days ago

this is fucked up! Seriously =/