Scott Kelly


Endeavour on the pad. Ready if replacement is required.

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1918 days ago

Endeavour on the pad. Ready if replacement is required.


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MerikoOffice 1004 days ago


raqueldungca73 1585 days ago

i Scott see i visit your account.

raqueldungca73 1585 days ago look so nice in there.i will try to make a TWIN BABYS next time...foreign for sure.

drcarebug 1893 days ago

I think Scott looks a little too eager to take Mark's place! ;-) Really, thanks so much for your service guys! I absolutely adore you!

BlueBelAstrid 1909 days ago


Waiama 1910 days ago

I would love to get my promised signed photograph for winning one of the spacegeos. I want to show it to my students.

Stelygs 1915 days ago

:D ...when you say perfectly interchangeable! Fingers crossed for the next launch attempt...GO, Commanders & Endeavour-STS134!

ko2ri 1917 days ago

haha! Funny!!

alanpg1 1917 days ago

Endeavour have a great ride, will watch you all the way and your passes overhead on ISS...portsmouth uk

CheetahPizzas 1917 days ago

Nailed it. Endeavour is leaving Monday. Damn you #TSA; you made them miss their flight!

Kickalien 1917 days ago

Ahaha! ...COOL!

yanasa7 1918 days ago

He means if Mark can't. Lol.

infinitosincero 1918 days ago

Hy guys.Endeavour on his last journey

jscotti 1918 days ago

Too bad the Kelly twins didn't get to visit one another on the ISS. Imagine this pic in space!

Geshiela 1918 days ago

hahaha! They wouldn't notice eh!

mikeinyyz 1918 days ago

Cheetapizza,Mr. Scott Kelly is talking about replacing his twin bro, Mark who is goin' up tomorrow!

CheetahPizzas 1918 days ago

I don't get the caption. Will not Endeavour launch Friday Afternoon?

LSKOCH5 1918 days ago

Very funny! Safe travels Endeavour, w best wishes from Flagler Beach to the WHOLE Kelly family!

dmbrownphoto 1918 days ago

That is too funny.