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Channeling energy. Name it! #spacegeo

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1983 days ago

Channeling energy. Name it! #spacegeo


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Rothamel869 1964 days ago

ufu0 Hi take a look at

Kickalien 1965 days ago

hmm.... too late, but interesting!

nani195 1980 days ago


Ham_OP_STN 1981 days ago

Always late! but enjoy looking up spacegeo. (Abu Dhabi & Dubai)

PC0101 1981 days ago

The crew’s wake/sleep cycle has returned to “normal” (awake = 6.00 to 21.30 GMT). Next quiz posting not after midnight ???

Stelygs 1981 days ago

Strait of Hormuz, between Oman&Persian Gulf? THX for yr Xmas wishes & great videos, Cdr! We'll be waving at u all up there during Xmastime!

Waiama 1982 days ago

Strait of Hormuz with Ras al-Khaimah and Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).

PC0101 1983 days ago

This is what Cairo and the Nile river delta look like at night:

MGoemans 1983 days ago

maastricht the Netherlands lol

GuisboroughPhil 1983 days ago

Gulf of Oman - Dubai - Abu Dhabi. And Doha.

JohnsonComm 1983 days ago

It's a picture of, Adndrianovka.

Wutzmyname1 1983 days ago


basset4 1983 days ago

Tel Aviv

Fraley 1983 days ago

It is the English Channel. I don't know why I bother. The correct answer is always posted within five minutes of you posting the pic.

suka0421 1983 days ago


marielsanjur21 1983 days ago

Nope! it's not my Panama! that's for sure!

Marco_5308 1983 days ago

The bright spot is Dubai, on the right, Abu Dhabi, the spot left is Iran. Greeting from Germany

medianoftheyear 1983 days ago

Gulf of Oman

petedav1es 1983 days ago

Definitely the Gulf of Oman, with the lights of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. The bright lights at the bottom look like Doha, Qatar. Iran to the left in darkness.

resilient_1 1983 days ago

Though I never get the right answer on these, I find them fascinating nonetheless!