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Pulled out the holiday decor this weekend. Decked the halls on #ISS. Fa la la la la, la la la la

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2022 days ago

Pulled out the holiday decor this weekend. Decked the halls on #ISS. Fa la la la la, la la la la


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raqueldungca73 1552 days ago


imagine1701 1961 days ago

very cool photo! you have a patch collection too!

FLIGHTnow 2016 days ago

um goro de natal ! rou-rou-rou passar natal em órbita deve ser uma experência bem legal !

enerwellchat 2020 days ago

Merry Christmas from Germany. Have a great time.

PC0101 2020 days ago

Cooking on board is shown and explained here (with links to more):

DeeVideo 2020 days ago

How will you cook the Turkey ? Merry Christmas from Canada.God Bless

PC0101 2020 days ago

Watch out not to run into Rudy the red-nosed reindeer up there …..

G_Kar 2020 days ago

From Earth to you up in the heavens; HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! :)

Dotty120 2021 days ago

Always know there is a nice Santa Claus over the snowy clouds. Have A Holly Jolly Christmas.

ktokreid 2021 days ago

Wonder what the Christmas Star looked like from YOUR vantage point? Season's Greetings to all on board! p.s. - It's COLD down here in North America.

sanduleak_1 2021 days ago

Funny pic!! Magic Christmas................ Happy Christmas everybody.. ;))))

Stelygs 2021 days ago

Oh...gorgeous decorations, Cdr Santa Claus, carols! Christmas will be absolutely perfect aboard the ISS! ;)

ko2ri 2021 days ago

Hi, Santa Scott! Singing with you! Fa la la la la, la la la la♪

wwestwood 2021 days ago

happy holidays too you be safe BILL

andrewjbrooks1 2021 days ago

too cool Scott.

meteodub 2021 days ago

Cool! Happy holidays!

katie_9999 2021 days ago

ok ....
looks already perfect!
here a video so that you three do not feel so lonely up there: flash mob christmas song.
curious whether you could see it up there?
happy holidays!

Geshiela 2021 days ago

Nice1 and your hat is even pointy too...

PC0101 2021 days ago

I’d swear black and blue that I’ve seen garlands on the outside that are not there any more. Aliens at work ??? ;-)))

SelcukAskin 2021 days ago

Put some stars as decorations. Merry Xmas.