Paolo Nespoli


European Space Agency Astronaut, Flight Engineer of ISS Expedition 26/27 (Dec 2010 - May 2011)

Went for a short run today. Not too cold, just above freezing. See our path:

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1993 days ago

Went for a short run today. Not too cold, just above freezing. See our path:


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garrolia 1990 days ago

Paesaggio "desolato", ma i vostri sorrisi lo riscaldano come se ci fossero 40 gradi. Complimenti!!

PC0101 1991 days ago

Open water is in the center of the circles only, all the rest is already thin ice.

PC0101 1991 days ago

gradually closing the „holes“ in between caused by upwelling water. Waves splashing upon frozen sections freeze and produce that crater-like appearance.

PC0101 1991 days ago

Not familiar to inhabitants of Hawaii ;-)) That’s ice. Flowing rivers freeze at locations with low water speed first,

nemodave 1992 days ago

Paesaggio fantastico e visi sempre sorridenti! Ma quanto siete emozionati?

Stelygs 1992 days ago

Beautiful desolation, like a lunar landscape...that river's got impact craters! Nice path, thanks:)

Kickalien 1992 days ago

Nice! very interesting... many circles on the surface of the water, or ice?

a_cup_of_sea 1992 days ago

"Not too cold"??? The river is freezing! It seems "TOO COLD" to me... :)

Sebbennett 1992 days ago

Now Jump into the river!. Come on! your supposed to be tough!

sanduleak_1 1992 days ago

Dai vestiti, penso che un pò accaldati lo foste.......dopo ua corsa è normale!!! Ma a me è venuto freddo solo a guardarvi e soprattutto a guardare il "fiume con gli icebegr"!!!! brrrrrrrrr

PC0101 1992 days ago

Down by the banks of Syr Darja river, the famous Jaxartes of Alexander the Great.