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all i need is one mic

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1633 days ago

all i need is one mic


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nattorny 1602 days ago

and i am here baby...use me

benubius 1619 days ago

I'll be your mic any long as you sing to me everyday ;)

CreateSomeJoy 1627 days ago

Cool but which mic is hot? The people want more music!

Kiri527 1629 days ago

Max, where are you in the photo? Come on now:)

CocoEuro 1631 days ago

Looking @ these make me nervous!! thx for shaking ur jitters and singing for us!!! ; )

terri251 1632 days ago

Just use the one closest to ya

tymusic 1632 days ago

well obviously my brother...!!! new music please

Luminous228 1632 days ago

Too funny!

JRLPoe 1632 days ago

You so funny ;D

cher47myworld 1633 days ago

I have the BlackSummers'night deluxe cd ur recording these are bit more up to date than the one used on dvd try one used at the Bowery session!

Daphnetweetz 1633 days ago

well Max, all I need is "SUMMERS"..hint hint ;)

sherrilovely2 1633 days ago

lol ...that is funny...i guess they don't want to miss one rich note that you vocalize...deep K of R&B

cher47myworld 1633 days ago

Mic 1 is ok you could work with it, mic 2 seems like you couldn't get a good grip, mic 3 is YOU!; ).

uniqued 1633 days ago

nice! I'll sing harmony which ever mic you like! :-)

Sbreenaz 1633 days ago

YOU don't need a mic when you're singing to me...

Bfoureal 1633 days ago

GREAT music is being born i feel love coming on!!!!

Bfoureal 1633 days ago

yes!! and i'd like to b all 3 of them smh i'm just that way when it comes down 2 u ****

tinkerbellsclar 1633 days ago

LOL...I love it, well just think of it as these three are one; Like the Godhead F.W.HS...

Kestrel05 1633 days ago

1st mic very pretty very big, i choose the middle and the computer : )

AlasLindas 1633 days ago

Sounds like a Chrisette Michelle song...I think it is "Let's Rock".