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J6's new Good Rep weapons and Evil Rep weapons.

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2290 days ago

J6's new Good Rep weapons and Evil Rep weapons.


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thelordsofdf 2287 days ago

eh... thats all?!?!? there ok but... they just dont look as good as they may if they went with the good armors and evill

AzureGodofLight 2287 days ago

I stick to good ones,but yet I want both faction swords.

LastArabian 2287 days ago

I know..... EPIC!

OreotheCowzard 2287 days ago

Is it just me or do those look like DF weps?

aqwkillssouls 2288 days ago

only ones that looks good are the swords

SDF_AE 2288 days ago

The Dagger is almost as big as the sword o.o Thats depressing.

Johanan9107 2288 days ago

Yeah, they're all too short. -_-

Trydeth 2288 days ago

Plz don't tell me the swords are really that short. That would be depressing.

BurstGB 2288 days ago

oh chaos all ur base belong to me

Javiersito2 2288 days ago

they look like DF weps

QuestionMarkAQW 2288 days ago

Because evil is cooler :D Evil can make skeletons out of dead people, Good just make you feel sorry for your actions :P

AtriaxAE 2288 days ago

Evilget all the cool ones :P

NeonVanKiterAQW 2289 days ago


Ropun_TSD 2289 days ago

Epic and... pointy. I guess. :D

The_Unholy18AQW 2289 days ago

*drools over the Evil Weapons*

AlanzaDemonica 2289 days ago

Not sure what that second last evil weapon is, but the first one is cool!

ZanaThirteen 2289 days ago

lol all of the evil designs look familiar.

LordThoru 2289 days ago

Last one to the right. /drool

tsukiyomaru0 2289 days ago

1st, 4th and 6th from left to right are awesome.

DEALWITHEET 2289 days ago