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Deathmøle Jacques' head takes up the bottom half of the panel, with his words taking up the top half. He is not concerned about the life of his friend.

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The thing I did for Wired

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1693 days ago

The thing I did for Wired


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ouijabored 1693 days ago

awww, Hanners! Always loved her :)

Sound0ut 1693 days ago

I love Hanners!

Uberdannii 1693 days ago

She is OCDelightful!

FashoBro88 1693 days ago

how is this for Wired? are they doing an article on teh QC'z??/

Braffert 1693 days ago


AlexDickey 1693 days ago

That's awesome, you rock.

e_elli 1693 days ago

Hanners =

akaEmmybelle 1693 days ago

Adorbs. :3

Tehmikey 1693 days ago

So cute

canyouhandlerit 1693 days ago

Awww. You rock, she looks awesome! :)

JustMisterWho 1693 days ago

Aw, yay! A free Hanners sketch! ^_^ You are a generous man, Jeph.

maggiefrannn 1693 days ago

Oh my god so cute! But then Hanners is always cute.

m0o0oeh 1693 days ago

Aww... Cute Hanners is cute. Nice pic Jeph!

christinageee 1693 days ago

aww cutest :)

ThunderCaya 1693 days ago

That is precious.

bairfanx 1693 days ago

needs the OCDelightful shirt, otherwise, wonderful :)

Cromat 1693 days ago

I think this captures Hanners really well. Shy yet optimistic. :)

AndSoShePaints 1693 days ago

Apparently twitpic does not approve of the less-than-three heart. My previous comment got cut off, but what I meant to say was that I heart Hanners. She is my favourite neurotic comic character! :)

Bigmohunter 1693 days ago

She always looks great. Nice Job!

kittykittykatka 1693 days ago

Awww, great picture of Hanners!