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SVU!  Meloni and Tergesen together again... only on SVU...

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2583 days ago

SVU! Meloni and Tergesen together again... only on SVU...


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AnimeNipon 1971 days ago


radiohippie 2565 days ago

After seeing every actor who was ever on an episode of OZ I finally get my wish! Neal, you ROCK dude!

pattimalone 2571 days ago


XxShaneDawsonxX 2572 days ago

Uh, I agree with jedipirate I am jus gonna log of and then faint and then come back on :-D SVU AND OZ together!!

logovo 2572 days ago

OMG! OMG! Let the #OZ & #SVU crossover fics begin anew!

jedipirate 2574 days ago

I'm-- I'm just going to go lay down now. I'm not sure if I can function properly at the moment.

DifficultDiva 2574 days ago

OMG...Is it 2001 again.

xDeanGirl6767x 2576 days ago

O.M.G! I`m salivating over this photo. I miss #OZ & Beecher-Keller.FINALLY! I`ve been waiting for Lee to appear on #SVU with Chris 4EV-ER.THANK GOD! :-]

98K514 2581 days ago

The only things that are missing are some hot kisses and some groping. Absolutely no females required (wanted) here...unless you're a fangirl voyeur.

XnToby 2581 days ago

RT Meloni & Tergesen together again (only on SVU)

uralozer 2582 days ago

*thud* Dear God in heaven, that is a beautiful signt

Crapaudine 2582 days ago

these two together, gold.

Gina318 2582 days ago

Chemistry, chemistry...

efrainsandoval 2582 days ago

Could you please tell us a little bit about the episode? I am so happy yo made my year! fan of both shows. greetings from mexico, very popular svu here

haleyyyyughh 2583 days ago

this is just like Oz... *thud* keep 'em comin' Neal! xx

o5coryo5 2583 days ago

im confused, what is hot about this picture??? Its missing something.....a female??

roguemarch 2583 days ago

It took you lot 7 years to stir the fans again... but we are so frikkin' greatful!

Krakenbwool 2583 days ago

This brings back so many memories. So much love! KISS, GODAMNIT!! (I know it's not gonna happen, but I'm entitled to my fantasies TYVM :P).

petitchef 2583 days ago

Oohh do I hear LOVE?

2DeeSign 2583 days ago

Gosh, this pic looks like they gonna kiss just any second... even though I know this is HIGHLY unlikely to actually happen on the show... LOL!! What a pic. Thanks for sharing!