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In a commercial break now...breakfast..any guesses?

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2506 days ago

In a commercial break now...breakfast..any guesses?


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cardentc 2462 days ago

it looks delish!i would prob go for the yolk too though. egg whites,cheese,broccoli and mushrooms! is there green pepper too? can't tell. yummy

CanineHeels 2466 days ago

it looks gross, ryan.

skycherry 2495 days ago


BieberToGermany 2498 days ago

Looks so deLicious ;D.

Blossom_Roses 2504 days ago

It's broccoli, blue cheese or cauliflower, Spinach

djoedangerlover 2505 days ago

that looks like waht u had yesterdayy

Randa108 2505 days ago

Yumm lol

LeslieSara88 2505 days ago

i see green beans blue cheese? and either chicken or scamble eggs lol the chicken seems more like it would go with the green beans and blue cheese

charvoice 2505 days ago

If I lived in CA I'd cook for you scrambled eggs, bacon, biscuits & maybe some hashbrowns!!!!

charvoice 2505 days ago

No idea because I only eat REAL food!!!!

zozette 2505 days ago

Most definitely egg whites, broccoli and mushrooms :] Very healthy.

LisaHaywardNews 2505 days ago

The same thing you had yesterday. Yum!

theeeekat 2505 days ago

egg whites spinach and avocado

patholeme 2505 days ago

eegs , veges, mushrooms ? :) xoxo ttys

rustyvaldez 2505 days ago

Same breakfast as yesterday
Mushrooms,egg whites,mushrooms

musicluv_ 2505 days ago

I think I'm going to make this for lunch today! haha :)

alexvonmann 2505 days ago

looks like dog food...

justiRine 2505 days ago

eggs with vegetable? hmm it taste good?

ArhtnelaL 2505 days ago

scrampled eggs with mushroom n broccolie..

demonmac 2505 days ago

It better taste better than it looks!