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My new Pretty Pretty Pink Coffee Mug! Thank you, @ArtixKrieger! =D Heheheee!

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2582 days ago

My new Pretty Pretty Pink Coffee Mug! Thank you, ! =D Heheheee!


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Snipehawk 2580 days ago

with skulls on the mug!

HadaVillanueva 2580 days ago

nice ! can I keep that ? :P

Lady_Adella 2581 days ago

IT's PINK! (Skulls with ribbons a must, but PINK! makes it DOOMY!)

Ropun_TSD 2581 days ago

lol! :D

QuestionMarkAQW 2581 days ago

Beleen this needs to be your personal weapon :D

NinjaAQW 2581 days ago


Dragonizzzz 2581 days ago

It's a mug with Skulls on it and a ribbon o.O and it's PINK!!

Nice mug Beleen, and it's so cute.

Dark7wolf 2581 days ago

Lol, Nice Mug Beleen '-'

YenielAQW 2581 days ago

Secret's idea a few down is good! Giant pink mug house item... limited time only :)

DTAQW 2582 days ago

Avatar Great movie, and Cool Mug!

Robot_Tweets 2582 days ago

Epic, I want one in-game. =3

AQWDomonation 2582 days ago

Lol, cool!

kinzvlle 2582 days ago

he touched it ow that had to hurt

YenielAQW 2582 days ago

Now you need to go to the kitchen and make pink hot chocolate.

SGTAnarchy 2582 days ago

Really cute

AtriaxAE 2582 days ago

Cute AND Morbid? Awesome :D

RazEvangalion 2582 days ago

Don't put it on your laptop, it will leave circles D= Hey what is Neytiri doing on your screen O.o

SGTAnarchy 2582 days ago

Cool beleen its so cool i whant one becose its so cool and with skulls xd

blargh_monster 2582 days ago

Awesome Mug Beleen :3

Trog_AE 2582 days ago

Yes. Skulls with ribbons on them are very pretty.