Alright story,what's the folks!?


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2584 days ago



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Ririey_Zaries 1980 days ago

haha..where did u get this

Kimmm1982 2443 days ago

Last time we saw Kian he was looking a bit better I think. You should take better care of him! :p

westlifesbabe 2583 days ago

i love the muppets i used love watching that when i was little is that one in the green kermit the frogx

manahelk 2583 days ago

Hahaha LOL! I love muppets!!

9yrslove 2583 days ago

she has a nice smile wow lmao sexy eyes oh

Sugermice 2583 days ago

What u said to her Mark? You have made her blush alot!

westlifer80 2583 days ago

Haha sooo funny but so cute

NotChatty30 2583 days ago

Oh the muppet from Avenue Q, best musical ever, the songs are stuck in your ears for ages.

taniafeehiLy 2583 days ago

haha niiceee pic ;) tee quiieroo markiieeee♥.♥ xD

Carmen_Montalvo 2583 days ago

hahaha i don't like it Lol. xxxxx

FeehilyAngel 2583 days ago

That image as much fun, and above all funny and cute
be you, I love you, greetings

pastelcarnation 2584 days ago

did dustin put you up to posting this pic (LOL) I love your ramdon pics they keep us guessing.

angelstar1632 2584 days ago

kind of remind me of the muppets

alaicd 2584 days ago

I can make you feel special for an hour or twooooooo

MissLornaMarsh 2584 days ago

random pics 2nite mark it though!!!!

DaydreamerAng 2584 days ago

Lol i think that ham-pag-ne has gone to your head Mr're very funny! :) xx

ShellyDonlan 2584 days ago

It's Lucy from Avenue Q! ^_^ Haha!

Precious_Sun 2584 days ago

LMAO w/tears........ you're killing me here, Markeee, hahaha! many *kisses n hugs*

nixlover 2584 days ago

What's Wabulai, Dustins girlfriend maybe?

AnnaFrew88 2584 days ago

Avenue Q?!?!