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great weekend, sun was shinning, good food, football, and the hedgehog.

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1701 days ago

great weekend, sun was shinning, good food, football, and the hedgehog.


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gaydantosh 1090 days ago

ron jeremy is right up my alley.....literally

BrandonFromero 1092 days ago

6 pack? FTW

Nicklone1 1108 days ago

was this before or after ron f*cked you in the a$$

albert_stadnik 1114 days ago

Ron and daniel are making a movie

a4advocacy 1116 days ago

what is "shinning?"

ThunderBiscuit3 1120 days ago

Learn from the master Ron Daniel.

YosefHunsaker 1121 days ago

Coke Zero? Really Daniel? I get it if Ron's drinkin' it, but really? Coke Zero?

PaigePaine 1124 days ago

hahaha I LOVE Ron Jeremy. He tore my pastie off and licked my nipple at #eXXXotica in #Chicago

jdeleon1214 1453 days ago

Did you guys compare?

alisamcole 1454 days ago

Damn Tosh you look good in a tux.

lolmul137 1454 days ago

he reminds me of my uncle...not a happy thought

blutesauce20 1455 days ago

was this before or after Ron Jeremy stuck his third leg in your brown eye?

teddy8787 1455 days ago


Andr3wdar34p3r 1455 days ago

Looks like an over weight jesus

Andr3wdar34p3r 1455 days ago

Whats with dat homo and da fat guy? Why is he smiling?.....oh...now I know why. Cowboy but sex XD

STRAYDAWG16 1455 days ago

That guy probably took your belt and wiped his ass with it

spoan74 1455 days ago

Stand this close to The Hedgehog, and you're bound to get pricked.

FreshLikeUhhhhh 1455 days ago

Most people only smile when next to Ron Jeremy after.. well... you know.

DWRawlings 1456 days ago

Your face is orange.

SodomyClown 1456 days ago

I love how your chest hair is in a very deep-V fitted formation.