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I made this today, about an early lesson in comics making

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2550 days ago

I made this today, about an early lesson in comics making


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LiteraryKitten 2520 days ago

I teach, and something similar happened to me recently. It can be really upsetting, but nothing helps like a sincere apology.

happentobeshort 2521 days ago


immer89 2521 days ago

That was really sweet. :]

dasiavou 2543 days ago

as far as i know, i've only made one teacher cry, and it was for writing a corny poem about spring. but i saw that same teacher cry when my class collectively stressed her out and we found out she had a miscarriage and and and it was awful

trogem15 2547 days ago

I'm an art teacher and one of my students drew a comic of me with devil horns and gave it to me...I put it up on my chalkboard...ha ha...I guess if you're going to be a teacher, you have to learn to let that stuff roll off your back

jozzig 2549 days ago

took that as an apology. That said, I said some things in high school that I really didn't mean, shouldn't have said, and later apologized for.

jozzig 2549 days ago

When I was teaching in Japan there was a student who used to act out horribly in class. He eventually dropped out. Months later he saw me at a festival and came up to say hello and ask how I was doing. We chitchatted to the extent of my Japanese and I

SketchyTK 2549 days ago

Anyway, thanks for the comic. I've been a fan for a while and your artwork and stories are getting better every day!

SketchyTK 2549 days ago

When I was a child my Dad volunteered to teach a religious education class. I was part of the class and we were all cynical middle-schoolers, riddled with acne and full of hormones. While he was teaching, some kids passed around a sketch of my dad with

macabresalad 2549 days ago

Oh man, this made me tear up. I did something quite similar to this in grade school and I still feel awful about it.

cassielsander 2549 days ago

I love how YoungKate's drawing of the teacher and your present one are quite similar, but still make it clear that the teacher really isn't ugly at all. Wonderful.

DrSkradley 2549 days ago


snowgray 2550 days ago

Thank you Ms. Beaton. I am a teacher and I wish my students would apologize about the mean things they say, to me and other people.

ChaztheWeasel 2550 days ago

Ohh dear that was.. aaahhh. Rather heart-wrenching, really. :c

Onimoz 2550 days ago

It is AWESOME! I love the expresions and the bittersweet ending. :) thanks for the comics!

cupcakerockstar 2550 days ago

So well done! These younger self comics are all so fantastic. Sweet and sad in perfect measures.

ScottBieser 2550 days ago

I've been there too, Kate. It was a school-mate rather than a teacher, but the lesson is the same.

jmag21 2550 days ago

Well done. I wish I could draw expressions this well.

aviroberts 2550 days ago

Haha, I remember one teacher was concerned cause I was making funny faces while drawing.

blogtard 2550 days ago

You frigger! That was all adorable and heartwarming and heartbreaking and crap!