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Garance, you're so shallow!

Found Mira shopping in Chloe. We dont know about the dress, what do you think?

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2465 days ago

Found Mira shopping in Chloe. We dont know about the dress, what do you think?


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Moushtee 2458 days ago

Quand on a un air aussi juvénile et de la fraicheur plein son corps,c'est dommage de la cacher sous cette robe de clergyman,et quand bien même c'est une "Chloé",c'est juste un tel gachis...coupez-moi cette longueur!!!

sonnchensonja 2464 days ago

i think it makes a bad shape...

iamFarahz 2465 days ago

another belt perhaps,unless she wants 70's

QueenG25 2465 days ago

It feels frumpy to me.

TeddyPopsicle 2465 days ago

Maybe its too big for her? It looks very comfy, but is that what she's going for?

lalaforfashion 2465 days ago

Kudos - I would have never pulled this off. Mira looks good but I would try a different belt.

Krizia_S 2465 days ago

Don't know... Maybe it looks like it is too large because of the way she's standing.
I love the belt, though!

x Krizia

peanutbutterape 2465 days ago

too shapeless and '70's. keep looking.

E_Cassiopia 2465 days ago

well, I agree it's little bit too long, but on the other hand looks good anyway :)

diane_schuh 2465 days ago

j'aime beaucoup son aspect un peu large avec les bottes, en ce moment je reconsidère la longueur des robes, celle là est parfaite!

eusebiaberlaud 2465 days ago

Délicieuse la robe! j'aime la couleur, la ceinture et le chic qu'elle dégage!

Diana_With 2465 days ago

Mmm...looks like from Middle Ages..Don't even know if it's good! ))

ChristineGarcia 2465 days ago

She looks very good!

CicaGamboa 2465 days ago

I think is too long... no?

kariestrada 2465 days ago

The color is great, I'm not sure about its dimensions. Still I bet Miroslava will pull it off just fine.

larissagargaro 2465 days ago

it's oh so chic. she looks gorgeous in it!