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Dior through Tavi's pesky hat

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2509 days ago

Dior through Tavi's pesky hat


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awesomefrances 2496 days ago

As Tavi wrote on her blog today, "If you happen to be sitting behind me [when I'm wearing a hat] and you'd like to be able to see, just ask."

delfinnn 2498 days ago

O tempora o mores! Obnoxious behavior loved by the masses ...

lefashionninja 2504 days ago

HEY GUYS ITS JUST A HAT. And its all just CLOTHING anyway, its not like Tavi and her headpiece are blocking the Presidential Inaguration.

daisybabie 2504 days ago

awesome! love ms. tavi. isn't fashion and style about thinking outside the box and letting your personal creativity shine through? kudos to tavi! you rock it well!

Kreamy_ 2506 days ago

Tavi, you're magical.

coll10 2506 days ago

She thirteen
and she not like every other girl her age
she derserve to be there
she finally showing that studs and leather isnt all whats in fashion

__ 2507 days ago

It is important to note she's about 2 feet shorter than anyone next to her. Just look at their shoulders.

zzabinsky 2507 days ago

that's cool ... if she's in the back row.

judomingues 2508 days ago

Yes, the hat is inconsiderate. But she is smarter than a lot of 40 year olds around there, and her blog is great. Kids today aren't the same as kids from the 70's, or the 60's.

tcc_gdg 2508 days ago

As a 30 yr veteran of fashion, I see Tavi as setting the stage for her generation. Let's face it, the Olde Guard are...OLD. Also: dogs belong on the floor, NOT children. And Tavi is too intelligent for McD's, why should she waste her time. GO TAVI! h

frlittlething 2508 days ago

No more Tavi please.

besosyfotos 2508 days ago

soo brilliant tavi!! the dusky blue hair+the bow=perfection!!

ka1iedoscopeyes 2509 days ago

team tavi!

taffetadarlings 2509 days ago

is this photoshopped? it's a ridiculous head piece!

partipo 2509 days ago

i don't understand why everyone is being so negative. every other 13 year old has to deal with school, tavi has to deal with strangers ready to rip her fucking heart out because she blogs about something she loves and happened to wear a hat.

sad__clown 2509 days ago

if she's so hip maybe she should go to mcdonalds instead.