Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Having a beer w/ @teamradioshack. Good week here @tourdownunder.

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2405 days ago

Having a beer w/ . Good week here .


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davidwalker_vk2 2358 days ago

Quality carbs. Well done fellas.

rapichat 2389 days ago

Now that would have been a Perfect Super Bowl Ad right there!

radiogurus 2392 days ago

Looking forward to meeting some of the guys and Lance again in Calif at the tour. Good luck...

hiddencook 2396 days ago

they better be ready to rock and roll come july go lance

WLVcycling 2404 days ago

See you @ the Tour of California in Westlake. Good luck team in 2010! Cheers.

ksweet01 2404 days ago

Rock it out, Team Radio Shack! Looking forward to watching you in 2010 :-)

richhattersley 2405 days ago

well done guys.good luck in toc and july.lance are you doing toi i cant get to france

LarryBirdy 2405 days ago

An Olympic setup!

jymdyer 2405 days ago

Definitely a step up from Ultra brand canned water w/ essence of beer flavor. ;^)

ste960 2405 days ago

lance you drink ???

calinanc 2405 days ago

Aww look at the cycling babes in the crib!

insightfulgirl 2405 days ago

Ready for a great season, however, what's with the crib?

RedSpy1983 2405 days ago

You guys look like your ready for a great season.

Conipto 2405 days ago

Those sure don't look like Mic ultras :)

Annapip 2405 days ago

Hey Lance my boyfriend is sitting in the bar in the hilton in adelaide hes wearing a cream eddy merckx t shirt would make his year if he got to meet you! hes such a big supporter of yours it would make my year too!!I know your a busy man but please!!

mrs_malfoy_ 2405 days ago

(Y) :) loveit! X

BUTTEAMERICA 2405 days ago

NICE! All teams have been put on notice. Hi from Levi's hometown. Ride and know his family Can't wait for T of CA. Made the trip last yr. 2010 going 2 b great!!

carambs 2405 days ago

Love it! Let's go Team Radio Shack!

shellbronhill 2405 days ago

looking good guys!!

carackobama 2405 days ago