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is this real?! Omggg

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2507 days ago

is this real?! Omggg


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CrystalGan 2505 days ago

Its Utah people! (:

aliuke7 2507 days ago

thts so amazing!!! so pretty fun! probably much different from L.A!! and when does the hills season 6 air!? hugeee fan

CrystalGan 2507 days ago

OKAY PEOPLE !!!! it gets cold in LA but it never snows come on now. Geeez. Looks like Aspen(:

monikiss 2507 days ago

omg, this isn't LA right?

alexianichole 2507 days ago

Didn't you say you were in Utah at some point.. but anyways it looks nice as long as it doesn't do too much.. I've had my feel of snow this year

AmyRothwell 2507 days ago

This was the UK for like a month! but off school/work so i supose it was good

Marcel_M_ 2507 days ago

nice :P... hey guys,please follow me ? ;D you will love my tweets ;D

jennifermcleish 2507 days ago

steph i am a huge fan of yours and the hills please follow me

eliesze 2507 days ago

It looks nice, gotta admit. But we had snow for 2 weeks long, and it cause lots of drama, trust me! I was like stuck at home... How boring

Lai7290 2507 days ago

is this place in LA, if yes.. then I understand ur reaction.. but here in Switzerland every place looks like that =)

cherryoxx 2507 days ago

cute town !

alejandromos 2507 days ago

where is it!!!!!!!! OMGGG is like a small village in europe!!!!!

spunkysophie 2507 days ago

Looks like somewhere in europe, like switzerland or somewhere xx

anniitha_ 2507 days ago

omg! i love it it's soo perfect xD

Xoxo_CarolinaM 2507 days ago

Omg it looks beautiful where is this at??

zullylovesu 2507 days ago


OfficialRonel 2507 days ago

OMG is this LA?? No isnĀ“t? or? OMG NO : D

Rene5186 2507 days ago

What`s for a awesome pic.What`s for a city is that with all the snow?Fantastical

ay_carmen 2507 days ago

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo perfect!