Lance Armstrong


7-time Tour de France winner, full time cancer fighter - LIVESTRONG!

Hey @redhourben, look who was @tourdownunder 2day. Appreciate all you are doing. #stillerstrong.

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2378 days ago

Hey , look who was 2day. Appreciate all you are doing. #stillerstrong.


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Cora007xyz 2376 days ago

So I hope that you both Lance and Ben Stiller come along with each other good and donĀ“t fight against each other anymore. To help Haiti is a good and very needed thing no matter how you call the helpingorganisation.

ShackalackinFAN 2377 days ago

LANCE, Plaese look out for the LIVESTRONG flag today. Its us the crazy aussie StillerStrong Boys form stage 5

ShackalackinFAN 2377 days ago

These are both awesome charities everyone give what you can!! Every dollar helps..

ShackalackinFAN 2377 days ago

...wife for putting together the RadioShack/Texas flag, It looks "shackalactic" dont you think LANCE?

ShackalackinFAN 2377 days ago

I am truly sorry for the middle finger Lance, and all the people that view this pic, Totally an accident.... As my bro has said below, Im just holding a lot of things and OMG the flag was heavy!! I want to give a shout out to my bro jasonarmstr0ng and his

jasonarmstr0ng 2377 days ago


jasonarmstr0ng 2377 days ago

Thats no middle finger, he's trying to hold two flag poles, a book and a texta. Thats my crazy brother in law, his name is Adam Cromack(suck that up your a$$ big boy!!!). And Lance, Thank you so much for making that a huge day for the both of us. You are

LarryBirdy 2377 days ago

Did the guy give you "The Look"...... (btw. I've got my S'strong headbands in yellow and black. One for each quad.... Try it, it looks amazing ;-)

deanritt 2378 days ago

why is he giving everyone the middle finger?

hschnellinger 2378 days ago

Brilliant! :-)

wesleyogando 2378 days ago