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1956 days ago


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zombierazor 1886 days ago

Love that Rob is just being normal, not shaving. Looking all rugged. It's makes him that more attractive.

mickeyaj 1956 days ago

who cares whats on his face he is still Rob Pattinson, and he is doing a very good thing. Damn he looks good

KelliSuperVamp 1956 days ago


dollhouseAli 1956 days ago

Of course it is great that he was there, but when you're presented with a photograph it's difficult not to comment on how a person looks.

dollhouseAli 1956 days ago

He looks like a werewolf. Ohh the irony.

AmandaM8810 1956 days ago

I think he was hiding in a cave with Brad Pitt (and his beard) for the past month lol.

mariiarias 1956 days ago

ohhh ai love so much robert! its so beautiful ♥

diana5856 1956 days ago

NO MATTER WHAT ..HE IS STILL HOT,AND SEXY!!!THOSE who judge him should just dont comment at all!I LOVE HIM!!!! *^diana.perez^*=D

Miros_M 1956 days ago

que barbita :)

Diana_d_Sykes 1956 days ago

Waaaaa!! i love robb!!!

Diridi 1956 days ago

no jsmama9... beard or not... he is GORGEOUS

julesie_76 1956 days ago

I think he is one of the few guys out there that can seriously rock the beard.

Promicabana 1956 days ago

SHAVE on you! ;-)

jeneruss01 1956 days ago

i love him..and i'm happy he was a part of the "HOPE FOR HAITI NOW" who cares what he looks like. its not about looks on this day..we love you Rob and every artist that was part of this beautiful telethon....

jsmama9 1956 days ago

Am I the only one who likes the beard?!

amoca 1956 days ago

There is no pleasing some people. I love him no matter how he looks like. He hates shaving, since when did a beard mean you need a shower. if you don't like him don't go see his photos.

Crystaaaldee 1956 days ago

he looks..........umm, WOW.
well, his hair grows fast!

StarMom72 1956 days ago

Look so what what he looks like!! he took time to be there and support Hope for Haiti smh...

helenasworld90 1956 days ago

The beard is taking some getting used to, but he did good :) chelly, the beard is for a role in a movie he's about to start filming.

itswaterheart 1956 days ago