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1918 days ago



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kinzvlle 1873 days ago

plese pass your helm and the tadersauce

EmoChicxoxo 1918 days ago


lumby_taxi_aqw 1918 days ago

hey i made sushi in seventh grade but i didnt look as good as that sushi helm yum yum :D

SethSauce 1918 days ago

I was thinking the same thing xD

AQWUser 1918 days ago

And Cy, your secret has been revealed. You DO have eyes :D

LesterDragon 1918 days ago

I had shrimp in this rubbery wrap thing for lunch...It was really good :o

Axel993 1918 days ago

I love the smell of sushi in the morning.. it smells like victory!

ddungeonmasterz 1918 days ago

u guys were doing great up to this stuff back down hill again :(

Danny11738AE 1918 days ago

GIMME MY SUSHI MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AqwAddi 1918 days ago

Cy, you head been eaten by me. Nom nom nom O:

Nautobleach 1918 days ago

omg i can see cysero's eyes :O, btw i want that stuff :O

Dracorath 1918 days ago

YOU SPEAK THE TRUTH O: I thought cysero having eyes was a LIE! but it seems cysero really is like us Oo

Stealth677 1918 days ago

hmm i think that would be considered playing as your food

AlanzaDemonica 1918 days ago

Oh yeah, hadn't noticed that, before. xD *was mostly staring at the sushi*

YenielAQW 1918 days ago

I want that helm! When is it gonna be released and for what price?

RazEvangalion 1918 days ago

Cysero does have eyes =O

CharonTheShadow 1918 days ago

Now players can be a meathead, and look like one, too! ;D

Legnave_FEZero 1918 days ago

Om nom nom nom!

Chaoselemental 1918 days ago

OMG I WANT IT! *looks up and sees seagulls flying overhead* THE BIRDZ ARE PECKING AT MY HEAD!

SirCecilAE 1918 days ago

Holy crap, a new item that isn't an oddly shaped glowing sword with sigils? I'll believe it when I see it.